To live in a society driven by its people which is based on equal opportunities, a global justice and a fair access to resources standards, and that is led by a social and sustainable development according to the limit of nature. 


We work day by day looking, creating and boosting new opportunities for people aimed to develop their personal and socioeconomic status throughout training, employment and personal growing. 


We reach our objectives thank to:


  • Taking care and raising awareness about environment and nature protection through activities and campaigns focus on the production and consumption of organic and ecological products.

  • The preservation and development of rural areas thanks to sustainable forestry projects which are employment generators in those areas.

  • The attention, defense, counseling and labour market inclusion of groups (at risk) at social exclusion through our projects.

  • The training, skills-development, sharing and exchange of knowledge through workshops, courses and seminars. 

  • Boosting a social entrepreneurship spirit by raising awareness campaigns and development of new initiatives that offers new solutions to current problems.

  • The support of new social entrepreneurship ideas that are viable and sustainable.

  • Fostering and participating in youth mobility programs such as youth exchanges and volunteering as a tool for personal growing, skills development and social change, mostly supported by the Erasmus+ Programme.

  • Actions and international cooperation projects that created development opportunities in less-favoured areas and always willing to promote social justice.


Esquema Ecoperia