Forestry training for everyone


Providing specialized forestry education is one of our main field of action. Since 2010, we have been implementing different projects and training cycles and activities, aimed to educate, improve and share the knowledge in forestry techniques and organic silviculture.

Our mission is to offer training opportunities and activities in the forestry sector to improve both, the knowledge and the skills about the sector. As well, we train in the use of the tools and the machinery needed in the sector and, overall, we emphasize in the safety and risk prevention in the labour context. Last but not least, we put a special focus in the protection on the environment and the protection of the natural heritage

We develop our mission by creating and implementing specific courses for each training necessity or each techniques at all the levels. Our courses are aimed for both targets:

- For people they want to get a training and get employed in the forestal sector which has not had a training nor experience in this sector, and,

- For current workers of this sector that wants to improve their knowledge and techniques.


We implement the following courses:



460 hours of training. This course is oriented to train people without previous experience in forestry, providing all the necessary knowledge through a set of training models that will allow the student to develop a career in the forestry sector. 


50 hours of training. This course is aimed to improve the safety and risk prevention of forestry workers. Also given to individuals, this course is specially oriented for companies that wants to increase and get their employees skilled regarding this area.

- OTHER SPECIFIC TRAINING COURSES or seminars according to the students or companies' needs.

In Ecoperia, first and foremost, we offer the highest security and quality standards for the students, counting on the best professionals among our staff. Last but not least, we have always a personal and human approach, meeting the specific necessities or requirements of the students, in order to enhance and empower their personal and professional development


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