What it is Ecoperia Projects?


Ecoperia, in order to reach its aims, develops its activity in many domains. 

Even though several of our projects can be found and explained in detail in other parts of this website, in this section, Ecoperia Projects, you are going to find those big projects, both national or international, with a bigger scope in which Ecoperia is member of a consortium that is running and implementing the project.


Together, we are stronger. 


If you are an association or entity and you are looking for new partners to implement your new projects, do not hesitate to contact us and see how we can collaborate by sending an email to proyectos@ecoperia.org 

A long history in a diverse range of areas, a well-prepared team and a set of renowned projects, endorse our capacity and ensure Ecoperia as quality, strong and reliable partner in your project.


Our projects


Currently, we are developing the following projects.