Logo Erasmus Plus


Since our beginning, we have found support on the Erasmus+ Programme (formerly Youth in Action), for the implementation and development of our initiatives. 

In Ecoperia we believe in the the power of our youth as the change-makers and the driving force of the development of our society. Therefore, we empower and provide youngsters several learning and development and mobility opportunities, giving a highlight to:

  • European Voluntary Service (EVS)
  • Youth Exchanges
  • Training Courses  

As well, we are open to new initiatives that can make a different in our society (Transnational Youth Initiatives, Capacity Building, Structured Dialogue, among others).


Be part of the change with us


If you are a youngster with 30 years old or less, and you are interested in discovering more about the Erasmus+, FILL IN our form to and we will inform you with our news and opportunities to participate in the projects we are part of. Also, you can contact us directly. 

If you are an organization and you are interested in partnering up with Ecoperia, contact us by email to proyectos proyectos@ecoperia.org ¡A long sucesfull record credits us!