Improving the future with your help

Implementing and developing new dreams, new ideas and new projects imply the needs of having access to resources that allows your entity to carry them out with quality and safety.

In Ecoperia, as a non-for-profit organization, we are no exception. Therefore, we look for the support and involvement of different sources in order to be able to implement our activity. If you want to get involved, and you do not know how, here are some hints:

As an individual

Several options of collaboration are posible for you, and we highlight:

- Become a volunteer. Giving a hand, and sharing with us your time and your skills is deeply overwhelming. Also, as a volunteer, you can always grow up as a person and developing new skills. 

- Become a member. If you do not have much time, but you are interested in becoming part of Ecoperia, join us! As a member, you will be able to receive the latests news and be able to join our projects.

- Donations are welcome. We don't say how much nor when. Any contribution is beyond touching and we will truly appreciate it.


As a company or entity

If your company is looking for projects to finance and support, Ecoperia's are the ones! Contributing to our projects has a direct impact in the development of the society, making it more inclusive and promoting equal opportunities. Supporting and funding Ecoperia's projects could be a great addition to your CSR, and we are already thanking you! 

If your company decides to support us, Ecoperia will ensure a fair thankfulness and recognition for your support, providing enough visibility of your company in our media and projects. 


No matter individual or entity, if you want to help Ecoperia, email us for more info to or contact us!